Sydney Yacht Rigging – White Bay Balmain

TS Rigging is your one stop rigging and mast refurbishment service centre conveniently located on the water at White Bay Marine Park 6. Our philosophy is simple – to provide safe, cost effective, custom rigging solutions and never compromise on customer service. As the rigging arm of Tempo Spars yacht mast manufacturers, we have over 34 years of experience designing, manufacturing and servicing yacht masts and spars in our home town of Sydney as well as worldwide.

TS Rigging, the new arm of Tempo Spars, has been established to provide a specialised mast refurbishment and rigging centre that can service your mast and all forms of rigging in one place. Using our extensive skills in mast building, we understand every part of the mast and its construction, so that we can provide a more comprehensive and precision mast and rigging service.

Mobile Service

We can come to you either on land or water. We service all of NSW with our custom designed and built mast trailer in addition to our work boat servicing Sydney harbour.

Life Lines

TS Rigging stocks a range of lifeline fittings come down and see us at our waterfront location and your new lifelines can be measured, made and fitted on the spot.

Custom Made Products

TS Rigging custom makes

    • Masts
    • Booms
    • Boom Vang
    • Goosenecks
    • Spinnaker poles
    • Sheaves made to any size
    • Mast slides

All stainless steel and aluminium welding and repairs. We can create just about everything you need for your boat from aluminium or stainless steel. Please have a look at the rest of the Tempo Spars site for some more details or EMAIL US or call on 0408 178 388

On-Water Rigging Checks

TS Rigging is conveniently located at White Bay 6 Marine Park so simply make an appointment and come and see up at your leisure.

We can carry out AYF accredited rigging inspections on the spot. It’s not just your sails that drive the boat, it’s the mast and rigging that’s holding it all together and thus should be checked regularly. The marine environment is harsh and the salt build up as well as high load applications of sailing will take its toll on your rigging.

Running Rigging Rope and Cordage

From hi tech composite cordage to your basic sheet, brace or dock line, we stock an extensive range of Spectra / Dyneema and Polyester double braid. We have other exotic braids in stock, for more information on rope and splicing please click on the links below. Break Strain Chart Fibre characteristics explained

Running Rigging Rope Splicing

At TS rigging we use only the highest quality products and our rope is no different. We use Donaghys rope, they are an Australian owned company and make all their ropes in Melbourne. We have been buying their rope for 10 years and are extremely happy with the performance and quality of their products. Example Splices